Your Inner Coach

An intimate, invite-only, space for 4 extraordinary female leaders stepping into their powerful truth, embarking on a new chapter in their lives, and looking to support and be supported.

April 2022 – November 2022


If you’re reading this, you have received one of four invitations to join a special group of women that are powerful individuals and leaders, and entering a transformative and new chapter in their lives and careers.


Capped at 4 women, this experience provides a safe space wherein you can expand your impact, redefine what success means to you, and step into your leadership and personal truth. You can expound upon your purpose and values in a rather glorious way.

You might be committed to quitting your job and launching your own business. You might be clear on what your next chapter can look like, yet unclear or even afraid of embarking upon the path that will lead you there. You might be leveling up your commitment to your current job in a way that has the potential to fundamentally change your organization.


I know one thing for sure:

Breaking away from what you know is just as scary as it is exciting; it can be just as lonesome as it can foster deep connections. I've found that finding the right support in peers and mentors can be a game-changer so I've designed this space for you to both find and be just that.

If you’re here, that means I have had the pleasure of working with you in a wonderful capacity in at least one previous chapter of our respective lives. I’ve seen and felt the impact your presence has on others and I know you strive not only for better, but deeper, and are willing to do the work it takes to go deep. You have had a deep impact on me, my work, and thus have ultimately co-created this group. I thank you for being who you are and continue to become.

I’ve also invited you because I know a little about you: You are open to receiving gracefully and willing to give generously. You are inquisitive and reflective. You are committed to change and unafraid of failing for you know this is the best indicator of success being just around the corner.


You are invited into this group...

...for your urge to do both Good and Well in life and business, but also for your bravery in admitting to a fear of burning bridges upon stepping into a new chapter, and a little voice in your head saying “you’re not good enough” or “you’re nuts”. You long for a sense of security and are eager to instill that source within, rather than without. You are committed to your unique journey while exuding a strong commitment to supporting others on their unique journeys.



If you accept this invitation (and it’s totally fine if you don’t), we will co-create these next 8 months. While there is a firm framework set in place to support you, there is flexibility built into the schedule in order to meet your needs and demands.


We start in mid-April 2022, and go until mid-November, 2022. There will be:

  • 8 monthly 2-hour group sessions*. Sessions will be split between guided processes and time for open coaching. These sessions will be recorded and they are mandatory. Sessions will be scheduled as a group.
  • 8 monthly 90 minute office hours. During, you may come to seek individual coaching or simply listen to your peers being coached. This is optional and sessions won’t be recorded. You’ll know these times two months out.
  • Full and unlimited support through a Group Voxer, open 24/7.
  • 1 half-day virtual intensive, open to up to 2 members of your community. This might be a colleague, partner, friend, or business partner. This will be mandatory, recorded, and scheduled as a group.


*Topics of discussion will include guided processes that can support you in tapping into your inner leader (and coach), paving your path forward, implementing projects powerfully, in your communication and planning skills, and in crafting strong agreements and moving out of victim and into owner mindset. Along the ride, I will respond flexibly to the needs present within the group as I am committed to supporting you in your needs in the moment.


Your investment for participation in this group is $3,000.

What about you?

If you are a hell yes to joining this group, let me extend a very warm Welcome! Please email me by March 15, or sooner.

If you are a no for now, that’s great as well! I know you’ll do incredible things in this next chapter of your life. Please let me know as well that you won’t be joining as soon as possible, so that I can extend another invitation to someone else.

If you have questions, you can, of course, reach me via email at


With loving,