The Prosperous Musician Leader

PML unleashes the business skills of civic-artists that pursue a high-impact career at and away from their instrument so that you can design and fund a career, project, or organization that defies traditional boundaries.

Inside this six-month experience, musician-entrepreneurs grow their income and social impact by establishing an (online) teaching or coaching business that serves as a catalyst to becoming, funding, and affecting the social change you want to make with music inside your community.

Individual Coaching

During this high-impact experience, a goal-oriented path unfolds in which we become accomplices making bold progress towards:

  • strengthened finances, elevated career, uniquely promoted artistry
  • acquisition of crucial communication, sales, and marketing skills
  • event and project support to go from idea to implementation
  • career elevation: overhaul of bio, EPK, social media strategy, networking support with a sense of purpose, courage, and direction.

Clients realize powerful project ideas, move their teaching studios to a more profitable online model, and become their own time-efficient, empowered manager.


flutist and EDIA activist wins NOI+F Sphinx Orchestral Futurist Fellowship: Chaz Salazar

Chaz new

"Dina-Marie's coaching has filled in the gaps that were left by my traditional conservatory training and taught me the skills needed to succeed as an entrepreneurial civis-artist.

Thanks to Dina-Marie's incomparable belief in me, her impact-focused review of my application materials, and empowering interview preparation, I won the NOI+F Sphinx Orchestral Futurist Fellowship."

flutist, teaching-artist, and musical activist