Surrendering is a b*tch.

August 25, 2022, Dina-Marie Weineck


Greetings from Bali!


When is the last time you did nothing?

As in: meditation.

As in: drinking coffee with your phone off.

As in: gazing at the stars wondering where we came from.

As in: looking over a rice field (or equivalent) getting lost in your thoughts.


In many cultures, we are taught that doing and achieving something is good and desirable. At some point then, we come to define ourselves and our worth through the lens of doing and achieving. Whatever our life looks like on the outside becomes more important than what it feels like on the inside.

Before long, things start to go sideways: your body gets sick, relationships fall apart, you begin to sabotage the projects you’ve started at work, business stops coming in, you get a headache, clumsy, and moody.

Yet, you keep on going, filling every minute with something that you have to do.

Making a change becomes something you allegedly “don’t have the time for.”


That is not true, dear reader.

You’re not actually doing all these things to achieve something. It’s not that you aren’t resting because you don’t have the time for it; you aren’t resting because you’re afraid.

You are, we are, I am…simply afraid of making a change.

You are, we are, I am… afraid of getting silent and doing nothing because one is unsure of whom we’re about to meet on the inside.


Why? Once we’ve woken up to having run into one direction that isn’t actually for us, changing direction often comes with a hefty identity crisis.


In short:

Self-exploration is a bitch. At first. It turns into a princess if you keep going.


I call this leaving the path of Shoulds. And embracing the Way of Joy.

The path of shoulds typically looks like a well-thought-out five year plan with multiple steps in it.

The path of Joy, on the other hand, is one of introspection, silence, and intentionality.


The Balinese call this flow, or surrender.

The way of joy, or act of surrender, really is one of finding yourself and becoming one with yourself, or put differently, living a life of Integrity.

Integrity? The Latin root of the word is ‘Integer’, which means one piece, to be whole, or to be complete.

The path of shoulds, then is the path of duplicity: two be in two.

The way of Joy, contrarily, is the way of integrity: To live, breathe, think, feel, and act as one.


Here in Bali, we don’t make appointments (literally!), we set intentions and get quiet.

I’ve come to Bali to live more into my own integrity and begin to surrender my intentions to the flow of the Universe. In other words, this move has marked a departure from the strict, conforming hustle of the Western world, and a submission to flowing.

I’m still ‘doing and achieving’, of course – I’m serving my longterm clients and creating space for new humans that wish to create a life of their own design. I’m still giving workshops at conferences and launching a whole new course this fall. But I’m no longer to-do-listing myself through this. I’m now flowing through it. Beginning to anyway.


Would you like to join me in flow? Let’s begin with a complimentary coaching session.


Of course, you don’t have to be in Bali to get quiet and change your life. Wherever you are, spend 10 minutes today doing nothing. And 10 more minutes tomorrow, and the day after. Just you and your Self. See what comes up.





P.S. How I serve my clients:

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