Do you know ParadisER?

April 25, 2023, Dina-Marie Weineck


I’m writing this today from the Cote d’Azur. My balcony is overlooking the sea and the mountains, and the sun reflects just beautifully over the sea, every single day. The pool is right there, there is a plethora of restaurants to choose from, and beauty is all around me, no matter which way I turn. It’s paradise.

Before I returned to Europe earlier this month, I spent two weeks in the red rocks of Sedona / AZ, and before that, I was either surrounded by rice fields in Bali or stuffing my face with Sushi in Japan for 8 (!) months. All these places were paradise.

The serenity and pull to let go of shit in Sedona was paradise (and offered some very unexpected inner explorations).

The view and the invitation to get back in touch with my Innermost Self in Bali was paradise (AND a lot of really uncomfortable inner work).

Sushi, tempura, BBQ in Japan, among the arcades and private Karaoke were paradise (and added quite a few pounds on my hips). It’s all paradise.

Done. I’m fulfilled. I’ve arrived. I’m happy. And there is nothing more I could ever wish for. Right? Right.

Or is it? No, it isn’t.

But it’s what people on the outside might think and they’ve got a point: I DO live a life that is like a dream come true. Yes, it’s privileged. And yes, I’ve built this life with clear intentionality, if you’d like, you can read up on it here.

But what I want to introduce you to is “ParadisER.”

Listen, you may have built a life that you truly like. A life where so many factors are right. A life that gives you joy, flexibility, freedom, prosperity, and, of course, love.

And if you have, please know that there is, can, should, and will be more….: ParadisER.

And that’s not because you’re ungrateful and not humble enough. No, it’s because it’s human nature to evolve and re-invent yourself.

Just because you’re living a dream, doesn’t mean there isn’t more to dream of.

Just because you’re living a dream, doesn’t mean you don’t need to take a vacation.

Just because you’re living a dream, doesn’t mean there aren’t things that are STILL holding you back.

In my opinion, there is always a next iteration of your Self that is looking to break through the surface. So my question for you is this:

Where in your life do you have an opportunity to connect even more deeply with your Authentic Dream?

Is there a client who no longer feels aligned? A relationship with a family member? A piece of clothing? A contract? An apartment?


Living a life in ParadisER means constantly inviting a new iteration of yourself and letting go of the old. That’s where the real fun in life is at. Constant reinvention.

Lately, I’ve been asking myself the ALIVENESS question:

When do I feel most alive? And how can I have more of it?


Your turn: when do YOU feel most alive? And how can you have more of that?


With loving,