What's your impossible goal?

October 25, 2023, Dina-Marie Weineck


No, I am not Genie and, therefore, unable to make the impossible possible for you. YOU, on the other hand, are fully capable of making the impossible of today possible tomorrow.


Read that again. 

If you choose so. If you put your mind to it. If you decide that, today, things will change.

Okay, Dina, where can I sign?, you may ask.

Glad you asked. You can’t.


Instead of signing away your most coolestestest innate ability to take ownership of your own life, all you need to do is become the savior you’ve been looking for and set course on what feels most alive for you.


Easy, right? No, I get it. This actually is not easy. Hence this email. My intention is that some inspiration followed by three clear steps you can take every day will move the needle. So buckle up.



In the early ‘60s, nobody thought a moon landing + return to Earth would be possible. By ’69, that had become possible. Now, we’re about to send humans to Mars.

Before 2020, the world thought it impossible that the entire international tourism and entertainment industries would come to an abrupt halt (plus many other industries).

Last night, I didn’t think it possible to wake up to having money in my account from an entirely unexpected source.

In my teens, it seemed entirely impossible that I’d ever build a loving, kind, and nurturing relationship with my dad.


What possible are you living today that seemed impossible yesterday? 


So often, it’s the way we relate to goals that make them impossible to just think about. For example:

“My income will never allow me to…” or: “I want to be able to spend more time with my family but I can’t afford to due to work…” What if money wasn’t an issue at all? What would you do then? And why can’t you do that now, with money being a constraint?


Another example is common, recently, in my coaching calls:

“Dina, I want to travel like you do and build my business remotely, but it’s just impossible with my grandchildren being so young.” What if…?


A great coach I know, Jonny Roman says it so poetically: “I stand today in the impossible of yesterday.” 


And the only, yet crucial, difference between yesterday and today is how you think of yourself: Your self-worth. Your self-image. What you are and are not capable of?


When my clients tell me why something is just impossible to attain, I look out for what beliefs and stories are underneath:

Belief + Self-image = (Im)possible.


Specifically, there are three steps that will help you reveal and then realize the impossible (this is actually almost exactly my tagline…go figure)



And I don’t mean by absolutely amazing partner. He did come, luckily. I mean the Prince Charming Savior. I’ll be the first to raise my hand and say that right up until July of this year, I’ve waited for Prince Charming to come and save the day. Guess what?! SHE was my very reflection in the mirror. It was ME!

He ain’t coming. Others will not come in to create success for you. And it’s hard work to “just” attach yourself to other perceivably successful people. It’s up to you to choose to be your own savior. Once you’ve made that decision, you’re free and encouraged to enroll support.


Ask yourself: Is today going to be the day you embrace your ability to create success on your own account?  



When thinking about goals, we often only allow ourselves to verbalize the dreams that seem 110% attainable (possible) to us, given our current self-image, beliefs, and circumstances. In order to crack through that, you can do one of two things. Firstly, it’s deeply powerful to become aware of the circumstances (such as money) that you’re assuming won’t or can’t change and then, as a thought experiment, remove them and see what dreams now come forth. Secondly…:


I love combining this with a daily inquiry of what I naturally connect with the most. When and where do I feel most alive? More often than not, the answer and our deepest and most resonant dreams, are already present. It’s our task, then, to receive what we’ve already been given.


Ask yourself: If money and other circumstances weren’t an issue, what would I dream of doing? 

Ask yourself every day: In the present moment, what feels most alive for me and what is this aliveness telling me? 


Impossible is an opinion. A thought construct. And as you’re untethering your version of impossible from your current self-image and circumstances, and beginning to notice the aliveness within you, you’ll be called to step up and take action.

That action might be uncomfortable. You might be asked to make sacrifices. You may be required to learn a new skill. And you may need to call on resources, such as coaching, a loved one, or space, that you’ve never before called on.


Ask yourself: If X was possible, what would I be called to take action on, today? And aren’t I capable of taking that action right now, anyway?




Here is the TL’DR version of these three steps. My recommendation is to note them down in a visible place on your desk:


IDEA – You’re your own savior. Sit with this idea and see how it feels.

THOUGHT – What’s most alive for you? Inquire into aliveness every day.

ACTION – What are you called to do? Ask what feels alive for guidance as you take action.


Remember your most coolestestest ability? To take ownership of your life? Don’t give that away. You’re not a victim of your circumstances, thoughts, or the results you get in life. If you choose to own all three, you can change them. You may (most definitely will) need support. Yet, it starts with a choice. Your choice.


And if you make that decision, you will be Genie and able to stand tomorrow in the impossible of today.


How will you choose? 


With love,