Founder's Group

A group for musician-founders whose greatest capital is made up of their inspiring vision and powerful leadership but not (yet) their financial assets.

Rolling Admission for 6 or 12 month commitments.


This is a group for leaders of newly conceived arts non-profits. Participants of this group are leaders of organizations that build community through their organization, are in the first 18 months of founding, and are ALL-IN. That means, growing the nonprofit to fullscale is not an option. It is inevitable and only a matter of time.

Support and community can significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to get to your definition of "fullscale".

The road there is as bumpy as it is enthralling, granted you let it be and you have support. I know from personal experience and from having coached dozens of founders, of the accelerating power coaching has in this phase and I know, so do you.


I’d describe it as being somewhere between in-house-consultant and strategist, communications professor, parental shoulder to cry on, and professional Kick-your-Butt-person.

1:1 coaching prices can be prohibitive in this phase, sometimes. At the same time, a lower-price investment does not mean less support, thus it must not mean less commitment either. Quite the opposite:

In becoming part of this experience, you are joining a community that will give and receive, cry and laugh, request and offer, and learn and teach together. And when one begins to grow, everybody grows.


What's included:

While admission is rolling, the first cohort will launch in mid-March. There will be a monthly two-hour call during which I will spend 40 minutes leading a process that supports you in your leadership and spend the remainder of the time on open coaching. There will also be a 24/7 Voxer group (a free WalkieTalkie app) where you can ask questions, request spot coaching, and find resources around the clock.


What's the cost:

You can commit to 6 months for $1300/1200€ or 12 months for $2300/2100€.
Monthly payment plans are available for either option, however, if you pay in full for either option, I will gift you 1 90-minute calls, to be used in 2022.


I'm in / I have questions:

Email me at I'll be happy to answer questions and/or get you set up with the group.