Not on my time. Not on my dime.

October 16, 2023, Dina-Marie Weineck


How are your energy levels these days? I’d like to invite you to a coaching conversation. One, where we’ll help you tune into your inner guidance of truth and purpose, and to take action on it. And I have a very personal and important reason for why I’m doing this. Allow me to offer a story:


My own energy levels are recovering. I’m finally choosing to rest and reboot. And I’m finding unknown strength and inspiration in this space.


I’m resting from a summer of constantly negotiating between what was the “right thing to do” and what has felt true to me.

I’m resting from months of choosing to be blind to what’s right in front of me.

And I am rebooting my system, allowing my spiritual guidance to offer me a way of truth, of purpose.

I am rebooting, recalibrating my sense of direction, truth, integrity, and purpose based on what my heart knows is true...instead of following what I think is the right thing to do.


I’ve been resting and rebooting following the termination of a professional agreement that, so I now know, had compromised my sense of truth and purpose.

And I’m choosing to share this with you, not because this was the happiest moment of my life, but for the lessons I’ve learnt throughout the process, and the inspiration I’ve gained.


I could sit here, judging myself for what I’ve let happen. For not having seen it sooner. For not getting out sooner. For being stupid.


Instead, I am forgiving myself for judging myself. And that forgiveness is helping me receive some powerful lessons.

Lessons that have helped me connect more deeply to my inner guidance.

Lessons that have helped me show up more powerfully and with a deeper compassion for my coaching clients.
Lessons that have allowed me to see even more clearly and make an even stronger commitment to the purpose my business has in my life and the lives of others.

Lessons that have made me a more loving leader and opened me up to inspiration and joy.


And one lesson, in particular, is this:

Our energy levels are intelligent. While, so often, we attempt to make decisions in life rationally – through our intellectual intelligence – our energy is actually connected to a much larger wisdom and, as such, offers us an intelligence that is much older than our minds.


What are your energy levels trying to communicate to you right now?

Another way of asking the question is to notice a present emotion, say, for instance, anger towards a situation or person, and asking: “What are you (emotion) here to tell me? What would you have me do?”

As I was grappling with this professional agreement over the summer, I asked myself that exact question. I felt drained, more than anything. And agitated. So, I sat with these emotions: “What are you here to tell me?”


The answer was clear: Not on my time. Not on my dime. While others are on their own journey towards integrity and truth, you don’t have to allow them to do so on your time, your energy, your money. Leave – and re-focus your energy on your coaching clients, current and future.


What emotions are you experiencing day-in, day-out right now? What feels draining in your life right now? It may be time to inquire with that drainer, with that emotion, about what it would have you do.


And this is why I’m passionate about offering time and space to you: to figure this shit out together. 


I certainly needed help with this. It took multiple conversations with three different coaches, tears, laughter, tantrums, and more tears, to gather the courage to listen to the intelligence of my emotions and then, most terrifyingly, act on it.


You don’t have to do it alone.

It is this very space that I’d like to offer you in this month. Because this shit is hard. There is no rule that you’ve got to do it alone. In fact, no matter the teacher, teaching, scripture, book, or philosopher you consult, a teacher, or a friend or mentor, is absolutely crucial to moving along on your path.


If you follow this link, you’ll be afforded one entirely free stand-alone 90 minute coaching conversation with me. This space is open only in October – and space is filling up, because people are really looking to get away from denying their truth for what feels right to do.


Schedule your time here. I know it takes courage. And it’s okay to be afraid. Together, we’ll take one small step at a time.


For me, that courage to take things one step at a time has led to unknown amounts of liberation, a return to sleeping through the night, a deeper sense of being spiritually guided and connected, and space in mind and time.

It’s only right to share that space with you.


Speak to you soon,