Embracing Change Gracefully

Let go of what WAS and create space for what BECOMES.

A 14 week Group Immersion for those facing, admist, or re-defining change.

August 28, 2022 - November 20, 2022



leaders, entrepreneurs, creatives, business vagabonds who are committed to leaning into transformation in their lives.

This immersion is for those that are at the cusp, amidst, or on the tail-end of a life-transformation.



Let go what was...

...a relationship, your business, career, a service program, your house or apartment, or religious or spiritual beliefs...

...and creating space for what BECOMES


So that...

the change knocking on your life's door can come through with all the lessons, new identities, introspection, and perspectives it has to offer.

14 weeks to transform:

STRUGGLE into ALIGNED actions,


Living for other's EXPECTATIONS (SHOULDS) into designing a life you DISIRES (WANT),

The struggle to LET GO into embracing NEW SPACES,

Having an IDENTITY CRISIS into leading from INTEGRITY,

experiencing a LACK OF SUPPORT into seeing the ABUNDANCE OF RESOURCES available to you.


Investment before August 14: $814 or two payments of $411

Investment August 14-29: $925 or two payments of $475

Not sure if this is for you?

I get it, sometimes, we need a sample of the ice-cream before we get a whole entire scoop. I've got your back:

In fact, I've created a free video series wherein I discuss four foundational concepts to embracing change with grace. While the Immersion will go into much more depth and we will switch back and forth between exploring concepts such as this and individual coaching, this will give you a great idea of what's possible for you in this course. SIGN UP HERE.


Is your world transforming?

Are you noticing a new version of your Self coming through?

Do you want to embrace a changing economy in an empowered way?

Does your job or business feel like a misfit?...

... and are you looking for that incredible sense of being in alignment and at ease with yourself?


There way THERE is THRU.

We don't talk about the actual time of change - and what we are going through. As a result, we feel lonely in our transformation and make ourselves wrong for how we feel. In judging ourselves, we keep transformation at bay. In this course, we walk through the change. Right through - embracing ALL the emotions:

The Ugly Cry

The Anger

The Grief

The Identityloss.


So that you may create space for:




A new Identity / YOU

Aligned Actions.

Synchronous Support.


THRIVE & BE Prosperous on your Terms by Embracing Change Gracefully.

14 weeks spent with a group of loving and tender souls that are ever-evolving can make all the difference.

Get in touch with questions: dina@dinamariew.com

"A scarred heart offers more intimately experienced love than a forever-protected one. As clients embrace change, I offer loving support, serious humor, fierce commitment, and easeful tenacity."


Hi, I'm Dina.

I used to hate and judge myself for change and transitions, especially when I was the one orchestrating them: Was I abandoning myself? At some point, I realized that every transition had made me more of who I am meant to be, a more loving and authentic, more giving and graceful human: "I was becoming (not abandoning) myself".

Nowadays, I embrace change gracefully, which plainly means I welcome it into my life. It does not mean it looks pretty, nor does it mean I put on a party for change to have a dance with me. It just means that I trust the process and keep the door open for change.

  • I once changed from being the ever protected daughter into being a second caregiver to my brother.
  • I then changed from being an actress to being an arts administrator.
  • I later changed from pursuing a career in the Los Angeles performing arts scene into someone who could just walk away from a visa sponsorship and promotion to go, yup, backpacking.
  • I, expectedly, changed from someone with the largest closet there is into someone whose belongings fit inside a suitcase.
  • I, curiously, changed from soliciting donors and board members into supporting coaching clients as they reveal and realize bokd possibilities.
  • I finally find myself changing from being a second mom to my brother to being a proper sister to him.
  • I, gratefully, changed from furiously avoiding mistakes as an employee to making every possible mistake as an entrepreneur.

Most recently, I completely transformed my relationship with a part of my family. I changed how I relate to my family, who I am to my family, and more. I am still figuring out what parts of my Self this change is revealing - but I can tell, it's going to be a profound and deeply loving revelation.

As a coach for entrepreneurs, vagabonds, and creatives, I hold space for my clients as they, too, courageously embrace change and lean into the lessons and revelations this messiness, called change, offers.


All times are in USA Eastern Standard Time.

7 Core Sessions, 90 min, mandatory

August 28 @ 8pm              INTENTION Defining Change

September 11 @ 8pm        INTENTION Accepting Change

September 25 @ 8pm        INTENTION Processing Change

October 9 @ 8pm               INTROSPECTION Before/After: "I am"

October 23 @ 8pm             INTROSPECTION Authentic Self: Integrity

November 6 @ 7pm           INTEGRATION Enrolling Support into your Vision

November 20 @ 7pm         INTEGRATION Going Pro

6 Open Coaching Sessions, 90 min

September 7 @ 10:30pm

September 21 @ 10:30pm

October 6 @ 10:30pm

October 19 @ 10:30pm

November 2 @ 10:30pm

November 16 @ 9:30pm

24/7 private Facebook group

***All group sessions will be recorded and made available to participants***

Investment before August 14: $814 or two payments of $411

Investment August 14-28: $925 or two payments of $475

Email me at dina@dinamariew.com should you have questions. You will receive a welcome email within 48 hours of signing up.