I'm opening up my calendar

March 9, 2022, Dina-Marie Weineck


I'm opening up my calendar

Times of crisis, especially of war, are times of reckoning, times of introspection, solidarity, and ultimately, they are times when creativity levels will rise. These are trying times for all of us. You may have read more of my thoughts in this article on Home, Love, and War – thank you, truly, to all those that have reacted to this.
Without an exception, every single client call last week started the same way: “I just don’t know how to even be or feel about this war. All of my problems seem so minor to what’s currently happening in the Ukraine right now.”
I feel similar and I bet, you do, too. Over the weekend, a business colleague and close friend and I sat for two hours with this question:

What is one thing I can do right now?

…for if we try and do it all at once, we end up doing nothing.
Here is my one thing: I can provide loving space of solace and creation. That’s one thing I can do right now.

So here is what I’m going to do…

I’m opening up my calendar to YOU: In being with my clients this past week, I’ve realized that we all are in need of a Being With someone. So, I want to extend the invitation to Be With someone to you, as well, at no charge.
If you are grappling with your civic responsibility as an artist, entrepreneur, business owner, human,
are suddenly asking BIG questions,
or are committed to fueling anger into creativity,
and if you think it would be helpful…
…then I invite you to come and sit with me for 90 minutes in a private coaching session. This will be a complete, deep-dive session where I won’t hold back. A space for you to just Be.

I want to be abundantly clear:

This call will be free of charge and there will be absolutely no pitch or strings attached. This is not a space for me to talk about my work. I won’t. This is a space for you to talk about what matters to you. And I will listen.
And if you’d like to have a session and can’t find a time that works for you here, or only one too far out, then email me at dina@dinamariew.com and we’ll find a time that does.
And, if you know someone that could use a little time like this, please do them the small favor of forwarding this invitation to them.
Here is the link to my calendar once more: https://calendly.com/dinamarie
In crisis, sometimes we feel lonely and alone. You’re not.
Loving and peace,