Audaciously Bold

September 15, 2022, Dina Maire Weineck


Hi Reader,


What would you consider to be an ask too bold to make? When is the last time you lowered your ask, or didn’t ask in the first place, because you thought it would be a point-blank audacity?




We’ve probably all been there.

We lower our fee hoping that will get us the yes. (it won’t)

We start a salary negotiation at a lower-than-desired number because we don’t want to come across as too demanding. (that’s attaching a number to your self-worth and asking someone else to approve of a ‘low self-worth’, which doesn’t even exist)

We don’t ask for the ride so to not cause any trouble. (What the f*ck do I know what it will cause!? A new book recommendation, a friend, a date, a client, sexy time…?)

And we won’t return the overcooked steak because it would cause the chef extra work. (the chef caused that)


Here is the thing:

A vision, a dream, a designed life cannot soar unless you’re willing to make the bold asks required to make the dream a reality.

Of whom, you ask? Of your client, your boss, your team, the universe, yourself, your money.

How, you wonder? In candid conversation, in prayer or meditation, in writing, in an agreement.

Where? Everywhere.

When? Always.


If you dare to ask, and if the intention is loving kindness and service, you might just get it.

And then what?

Well, consider what more – income, intention, impact – becomes possible once you get not just the bare minimum, but all of what you want? You’re no longer scraping by. You’re soaring. And if you’re soaring and getting more than the minimum of what you need, you can give and expand your impact, grow your vision, and create the support you need to keep expanding and growing, in service of your team, your community, clients, Self.

Making sure what you’re asking for actually supports your dreams and desires in a proportional way is such a crucial step in going from mere visionary towards impactful leader. It is also the point at which I see so many first-time entrepreneurs sabotage themselves, thinking they have to do it all alone. You don’t. You can’t. You’re leading the charts.


Your vision is audaciously big. You’re asks ought to size up to that.

So let me ask you: If you weren’t afraid of the response, what audaciously bold thing would you ask for?

My challenge to you: Write down the answer. Do it. Tell me what happened.