We are all on a unique journey of growth and exploration.

Following is a snippet of my path. Perhaps you see yourself in some of these lines, as well.


I learned to walk on the musical theater stage, literally.

I played Simba. He taught me that running from the past doesn’t make it better, and about the self-love, healing, and surrender that’s available when turning back.

I played Dirty Dancing’s Babe – I know, quite a leap. She taught me to fight for what I want, to dance through life, and to love wearing dresses.

I played a German fairytale dragon, Tabaluga - He taught me that generous giving leads to a pure abundance of joy, love, and happiness returning back to you.

I played TinkerBell. Tink taught me how unconditional love and sass can go together. She taught me about generosity and integrity. (I didn't learn until I found myself in the Bursar’s office in college that tact is a crucial ingredient here.)


These lessons, I learned joyfully. Some other lessons, not so joyfully. But those are the ones that led to the deepest sense of satisfaction and inform the work I do today:

A native of Leipzig/Germany, I became a transplant to Syracuse/Detroit/Chicago/Los Angeles, ever escaping life and the oh-so-frightening concept of being with myself. I was successful through and through:

  • I was dance captain of a troupe in LA before I knew how to speak English without a dictionary at hand (that was before Google translator).
  • I earned scholarships left and right.
  • I delivered the University-wide best capstone about the future of orchestra management – boy, did I have a lot to say about that.
  • Eventually, I landed that kind of job that my mentors would deem “perfect for a swift ascent to the top of the industry”,
  • Soon, I found myself double-fisting on two full-time jobs, one in person, one remote. I executed an artists’ social media strategy by night and ran fundraising events by…day and night.

Of course, I had a great car, a beautiful apartment, some nice savings, and a fantastic relationship. Ostensibly, I was living THE life.

Inevitably, I had the “put together” reputation written across my forehead.


The downside? I wasn’t happy. What seemed perfect on the outside felt flat-out wrong on the inside. Can you relate?

I finally gave up that perfection (or hustle?) and flung myself onto a plane bound to Vietnam with only a backpack and a notebook on me. The dark sides of pursuing others’ definition of success had taken a toll on me.

Life showed me that a career built on the Hustle and Doing lacks depth and foregoes a balance in life that leads to greater success, generosity, impact, and fulfillment. I'd forgotten all about Tink's and Tabaluga's lessons. Can your relate?

Equipped with a traveling backpack, I flipped my life on its head.


I began to seek from the inside out instead of frantically searching on the outside – I realized how I wanted to BE in the world and the DOING started to just follow.


I began to give generously. Tabaluga returned, though thankfully only in spirit. Green really doesn’t suit me.

Next, I ousted the Inner Judge, stepped into Integrity, and made space for what truly brought me joy. Babe started dancing again.

Over time, I cured misalignments of values and started to unapologetically live from my True Self. Tink re-emerged, spreading Pixiedust all around her community.

And, oh did I do a lot of healing and cleaning up of the past. And just like that, Simba returned to Pride Rock. Returning from Singapore, I moved from LA back to my hometown in Germany...the place where I turned back to heal my past and looked ahead to build my coaching business. A long inner journey ensued.

A few years later, I made a life changing decision: I was ready to travel again. This time, I'd travel to seek, not to hide.

Less than three months later, on February 28, 2023, a plane was waiting for me, en-route to Lisbon. The weeks prior, I had sold, donated, and boxed up all of my belongings. My subsequent tenant bought all of my furniture, my brother took over my office desk and chair, and my sisters split up my jewelry, pink fluffy high floor rug, and various wine glasses, tumblers, and flutes. I was left with a backpack and suitcase, and my coaching business, of course. I've since traveled to Portugal, Bali, Japan, the Philippines, and I'm booked for the USA, France, Germany, and the Canary Islands.

This journey has been remarkable...full of new friends, perspectives, forgiveness, growth, self-love, the beginning of a book I'm writing and a new love.

What might happen if you ousted your Inner Judge and made space for that which brings you joy? I bet your Future-Self is already throwing a gratitude party for you.


Will you join?

My coaching is informed by that journey. And so, I help my clients – creatives, leaders, business vagabonds – live a more grounded life where they reveal bold possibilities that bring with them the tools and strategies to realize said revelations.

When I work with clients, a few things happen:

  • Burn-out packs its bags and walks out the door, dragging Inner Judge behind it (yeah, the Judge can be very stubborn)
  • Happiness cleans up the flat/apartment/place.
  • Prosperity gets comfy, settling in.
  • Relationships, jobs, family, kids, friends…it all begins to feel aligned.


My clients are freelance artists in Asia, Europe, South- and North America, full-time-orchestra musicians, yoga instructors, founders of Earth-shattering arts non-profits, passionate travelers, dads, and seekers.

They all hire me for my loving German honesty and inspiring Tink-sass. They have more things in common, as well:

  • Hunger for exploration.
  • Passion for lasting impact.
  • Commitment to OWNING their life and designing a future of their own.
  • Drive rooted in a rebellious quest for freedom of location, fulfillment in relationships, and autonomy over their time.
  • They don’t take themselves quite so seriously.

Oh…and they are brave souls...

...because coaching with me isn’t all rosy. The path there is rocky as it becomes a mirror of that which has clouded your path ever since: limiting beliefs, childhood trauma, past relationships, your culture, that abusive boss you walked out on, or the fear of success (you read that right).

As a coach, I am deeply committed to the journey my clients have said yes to. As such, I don’t hold back as I lovingly hold up that mirror and support you in cleaning it and learning to deeply love the reflection you see.

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