I defy traditional boundaries to reveal bold possibilities in the arts.

In service of musicians’ financial, innovative, and autonomous artistry, I coach trailblazers that have become frustrated with the traditional, restrictive ways of finding success in our industry.

Equipped with my unique visioneering-process, I unleash the potential of classical musicians to elevate their careers, leading to longevity and social impact.

Annually, I facilitate a group workshop, the Musician Leadership Intensive, empowering musicians to raise their voice and impact beyond performance. In my 1:1 coaching, musicians defy traditional boundaries, revealing new, innovative career opportunities. When consulting with young organizations, clients develop a vision-driven leadership team, sustainable fundraising strategies, and values-aligned marketing strategies, growing the venture’s impact and sustainability.

Classical music can strengthen our communities through the power of entrepreneurial artists and engaging community partnerships.

A native of Leipzig/Germany and a musical theater and clarinet veteran, I moved to the US and explored ways to re-calibrate orchestras’ inner structures towards social impact. Notably, I have worked with esteemed orchestras and arts organizations that focus on collaborations with civic-minded and entrepreneurial artists, such as the Civic Orchestra of Chicago, Detroit Symphony Orchestra, as well as The Sphinx Organization, and as social media strategist of Rachel Barton Pine.

In what’s become my second home, LA/California, I led individual fundraising efforts of the Segerstrom Center and was instrumental in creating memorable fundraising events and an engaged board for Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra.

Now back in Germany, as executive director, I run a musician-founded contemporary orchestra that curates environmentally friendly and socially sustainable concerts and projects, leaving a deep and empowering footprint in the larger area of Hanover, musica assoluta.


Incubating lives filled with a sense of visionary purpose, vibrant belonging, and exhilarating progress.

Traditionally, our industry excludes entire communities from its concert halls and silences its most precious players: the musicians. Let’s hand musicians the tools to build careers, venues, ensembles, and organizations that are truly indispensable to their respective communities.

Bassist and composer develops a new income stream and sets up legacy-society: Andres Martin